Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chemistry Chapter 8 Salt important experiment.

Chapter 8 salt is among the most popular chapter in SPM chemistry..
There's no doubt..You have to memorise the colour changes and experiments..

Alright..this experiment is important and should be memorised for the sake of exam.

(Preparation of Magnesium Sulphate) ->prepare a salt...
this salt is obtained from Acid + Metal Oxide..

MgO+H2SO4 -> MgSO4+H2O

1)50cm3of 1.0moldm-3 of sulphuric acid is measured and poured into a small beaker.
2)The sulphuric acid in the beaker is heated as shown in the diagram.(refer to book the diagram)
3)Magnesium Oxide is added in excess into the small beaker and stirred.
4)The hot mixture is filtered to remove excess magnesium oxide.
5)The filtrate is transfered into an evaporating dish and heated until1/3 of it's original volume.
6)The solution is allowed to cool and crystallize in the crucible.
(crystallization is a process where pure salt in crystal form is formed)
in short free from impurities..
7)The crystal obtained are dried by placing it between two filter papers.


Z.P.R.O™ said...
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Z.P.R.O™ said...

excuse me, im a form 5 students and very weak in this chapter.

Can i use this method for preparing sodium chloride / lithium ... ?

thanks for the notes

16yrs oLd StUdeNt said...

For Sodium chloride..which is a salt.
Normally involves the mixture of Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium hydroxide..
The process of neutralisation..
So the process is different..

For lithium..
U have to read back on group 1 experiments in chapter 4 if I m not mistaken.. :)
Gudluck !

~** sWeetPromise **~ -tCo- said...


In neutralisation process..

It must be

acid + base -> salt + water